Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gaerea - ''Gaerea'' (EP)

Gaerea is a band from Rome, Italy. It was founded in 2016 and their self-titled EP was released in 2016 via Everlasting Spew Records. The EP lasts exactly 27 minutes and 27 seconds, and I can not help but wonder if there is a sinister and omnious background behind the number that's been rounded that way, maybe even more mysterious then the faces of the band members. 

Although we can say that the hoods and masks in black metal have become a real trend, almost replacing the traditional corpse paint, overused by the bands from Mgla to The Stone, I can sincerely say that I am more attracted by the visual concept of Gaerea than to the two aforementioned bands, in many more ways. Mysterious symbols that cover their hidden faces create some sort of esoteric and mystical aura. Nihilistic lyrics deal with contemporary and always current issues and archetypes, directing themselves as a sort of dialogue towards the listener. Not too misty and unspecific like lyrics of Mgla, not too saturated and overburdened with archaisms like the ones of The Stone, but direct, with perfect balance and measure. This fact alone makes the band somehow more receptive. Cover art is beautiful, but it's surface is hiding a lot of beautiful, dark and abstract art  motifs in the booklet with lyrics.

Mystical, incoming keyboards give birth to a spawn of dark, swirling tremolos and heavy, massive and monolithic riffs, alternating with modern black metal tendencies in chord formations and decompositions . Riffs are spontaneous at their evolving . Galloping mid tempo rhythms spontaneously transform into fast ones, introducing us to  new passages with ease. Motives seamlessly alternate, as well as rhythms, building a solid and strong arrangement of material.

There are lots of interesting parts. ''Final Call'' begins with a mixture of dark riff and chord decomposition that evokes the spirit of Mayhem's ''Freezing Moon'', unleashing the stormy waves of devastating, dark tide, that keeps throwing our lifeless bodies around and slamming those against the rocks. In ''Void of numbness'', we have rock-solid mid tempo riffs, crushing everything in front of them as well,  and occational DSBM lurches, leading to a beautiful atmospheric, fading tremolos. ''Through Time'' is a song where obscure mid tempo riff is followed by almost HC rhythm at one segment, but the most beautiful part of the EP for me is the striking melody formed in the end of this song. Italians are obviously gifted for making those catchy, memorable melodies, and this one has reminded me of the one from Forgotten Tomb's ''Alone'', just carving their way into the mind. There are also a lot of spoken parts and recitations (like reciting of a prayer in Latin in ''Pray To Your False God''), emerging from the dense darkness of this EP, slightly exceeding to the constant piercing and whipping of maniacal, sharp and pretty harsh screams, that are one of the main ace features of this release.

Great, simply refreshing black metal, and I can not wait for their next release. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Serpentine Creation - '''The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon''

Serpentine Creation is a Band from Bulgaria that was formed in 2004. ''The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon'' is their second Full Length Album, Co-release of Satanath Records (Russia) with Hass Weg Productions (France) and Nyarlathotep Records (Brazil) available in 500 copies.

Furious and truly grim black metal is born from the howls of as furious and cold wind, that was taken as a short intro. Riffs and lyrics are direct like a punch, scream vocal reminds me of those on Astaroth's ''Violent Soundrack Martyrum'', which I adore. Razor sharp riffs, varying from dark melancholic to darkly epic, clean-guitar parts, potent and dark tremolos and beautiful melodies that are mixed and intertwined like arabesques are developing in a pretty convincing tone. Here we have an aggressive, gloomy and fast melodies, and the whole sinister atmosphere reminded me of Dark Funeral's. This band has all of black metal features that I like, combined with style in their own way. We have riffs which remind me of Anal Natraak, where we get the bass pedal following a guitar hitch, and some fast tremolo melodies and some riffs' aggressiveness reminded me of Marduk. Slow and dark Dissection-like chord decompositions  are alternating with great thrashy riffs like those on Dimmu Borgir's ''Puritanical Euphorical Misanthropia'', connected through the solid build of demonic tremolos. The songs are excellent and they develop swiftly, crowned with discrete solos made to perfectly fit into nocturnal spirit of the songs.

So if you're into strong, powerful and extremely dark black metal, I can definitely recommend this.

Facebook :

Monday, January 9, 2017


Zornheym is the band from Stockholm, Sweden, founded by a man known under the alias Zorn, who has started the creation of Zornheym after leaving his former band, acknowledged Devian, determined to make an extreme metal symphony based on the horrors of the patients of a mental institution.  We could say that horror themes  in spheres of symphonic black metal are nothing new, we might be used to them through the works of Carach Angren, but I personally prefer bands like Zornheym, because I do not like too much progression added to metal, which is one of the main characteristics of the Dutch.

The whole album is made on the principle of King Diamond's, who, as we know, makes albums converted into conceptual horror story, with each song as a separate paragraph. Basically, the same idea is present on Zornheym's debut, but with an interesting addition : their stories are made real through additional comics, with each single having one. This is a review of two of their singles, '' The Opposed '' and ''Silent God'', which are available on all the digital platforms of the Dutch label Non Serviam Records. The singles were released as the announcement of their full length album.

The mysterious creaking opens the first single that I've heard, ''The Opposed'', like creaking of the sinister gate that leads us into truly horrific atmosphere of this song. The song itself gives its painful birth to strong rhythmic riffs, combined with a choral epic keyboards, with the whole hymnal atmosphere sounding like Ex Deo playing some really good black metal. All this is painting a picture of an apocalyptic black metal maelstrom in the minds of tortured insane patients, and as you see the flashes of a battle scenes that they lead with their nightmares and their inner demons, while their world disappears in the all-devouring flames of madness. Tremolo motifs feel like a ride, and the riffs where the bass pedal follows hitch are a lot Carach Angren like, but made with Zornheym's own signature. The choral keyborad giving it a dramatic, and intensified vibe, sometimes in the background. leaving space for the birth of a beautiful solo melodies and tremolos. Solos are beautiful and melodic. In the second single I've heard, ''Silent God'', sudden '' Oriental break is brilliant, and the second break leads us to the pandaemonium of crying and exhausted clean vocals that sound really creepy.

Great Sympho-Black Metal indeed, can't wait for the whole album. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Helleborous - '' The Carnal Sabbath '' (2016)

Helleborous is a black metal band from Manitou Springs (USA). It was formed by two brothers, Jared and Wyatt Houseman, whio are also known as members of the acknowledged Akhenaten.

Helleborous also stands for the name of the rare species of a beautiful, but yet poisonous flower that blooms only in winter. This very interesting and artistically minded beautiful cover art with lots of hidden motives  hides a masterpiece album with a lot of obscure melodies as well, poisonous as the flower and dark and cold as the long winter night. The cover includes a flower that is both snake and the tree in the same time with mystical Hebrew letters from the forbidden Kabbalah mantras, and in the background, statue of satyr and a women having a period. All in all, we have a strong vibe of ''Akercocke meets Urfaust'' lyrics of aristocratic and elite occultism, as well as of esoteric and occult mystical sexual energy, which flows freely through the songs like the spring of Thelema's True Will.  

Helleborous - '' The Carnal Sabbath '' is a Full Length Album issued for Satanath (RUS) and the Black Plague (USA) on 17 June 2016. It is a release that spawns darkness at the first hearing, as incredibly dark guitar melodies constantly emerge from its nocturnal womb. In the background of all the discreetly hear apocalyptic keyboards. Scream vocals which remind me Ancient's Aphazel, guitar squeels on in the background singing the first stanza leave a strong impression creepy. Each song is extremely elaborate with parts' arrangement, but the band is definitely more focused on the dark atmosphere than the speed, and I like it. The band doesn't lack speed as well, songs evolve from creepy chord decompositions to the peak of reaching insane climax with the occasional blast beats and schizoid keyboards (such as those on '' Helleborous black ''), creating gruesome mini symphonies that are in my opinion the greatest asset of the album. Powerful thrash metal riff on ''Temple of Daath'' is by my humble opinion by far the most powerful and forcefull riff on the issue, and as a contrast to it we have groovy rhythms suiting more to Alternative bands like Autogeni Trening in style, but followed by very obscure tunes and scales. Each song is constantly evolving, mixing the different variations of songs' basic melodies as if they were mixing a deck of cards, not allowing any of the songs to be borring. The lads are playing with different styles,  remaining on their own and unique. Eg. '' Edge of waters '' is the song that goes to almost standard rock'n'roll alternative parts, sounding more like perfectly packed, darker and less strenuous Alogia song. In the song ''Colored Spores of Yuggoth'', with Lovecraft's name for Pluto and its inhabitants, extinct alien speices, we are faced with alien sounds and eerie interkosmic guitar scream as occasional motif. Some song arrangements remind me of Lifelover which I adore, with spontaneous intro for extremely powerful, slow thrash riffs in middle of the same song.

All in all, a unique, extraordinary and quite dark black metal release, a true refreshment in a genre.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelleborusBlack
Bandcamp (SAT) : https://satanath.bandcamp.com/album/sat155-helleborus-the-carnal-sabbath-2016

Friday, January 6, 2017


Montenegro isn't so famous for its metal scene. But it seems to grow each day.
The bands are sorted alphabetically.


Abhoth are the pioneers of Montenegrin Death Metal, not to be confused with a Swedish band of a same name. They're playing an atmospheric form of death metal. The band exists since 2006 and their self-titled EP was released in 2014, as a co-release of 3 labels and having 3 official distributors, all iinternational and from abroad. Abhoth's EP was awarded Montenegrin release of the year by Global Metal Apocalypse. It was also nominated for the best regional metal release by Serbian Metal Portal, together with 19 bands from Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska, and it has won the second place by votes of the audience. The band is active and working on their first Full Length album.

Goblin Zeppelin 

Goblin Zeppelin was founded under that specific name at some time around 2006. by one of the most active people in Montenegrin metal music, Miloš Klikovac (Abhoth, Zaimus, KK Street Bangers, ex-Hostis), but the idea of the band itself is actualy much older, and so are its songs. Three of those were released via youtube and the band had two gigs live so far.  Their upcoming Full Length Album is being recorded. Their sound could be qualified as a Southern Thrash-Groove with occult subjects.


Hostis is a thrash-death band from Montenegro and it was founded in 2010. Their self-titled Full Length Hostis was  released in 2016. by Miner Recordings. Cover art of "Hostis" has been included on the list of Best Death Metal Covers in August 2016 on BDP Metal. It has also been included in the Top 10 Cover Artworks of 2016, a list by The Headbanging Moose. Hostis is founded by current vocalist and current bass player of Abhoth, and it has gathered some people from acknowledged Serbian bands as guest solists on their release.


Iguman was formed in 2004 and it was the first Montenegrin black metal band that has ever published anything in material form (a cassete through self established Adžove Vrbe Records in 2006, available in 111 pieces). The band split up soon after. Their vocalist is author of many logos and covers in underground world, including the one of Abhoth.

KK Street Bangers

KK Street Banger was formed in 2008. in Podgorica. They're pioneers Montenegrin Thrash metal, with lyrics about street life, alcohol and Thrash metal in general. EP, ''Street Rotten Thrash Derby'' was released in 2010. The band had three live shows, and for the two of those their drummer was current drummer of Neman. Current status of the band is unknown.


Neman is a band from Bar. They have performed live for the first time in the year of 2016, and their gig was without vocalist. Neman have released their first single ''In The Arms Of A Grave'' in the year of 2016. as an announcement of Demo ''Path Of Thorns'' which is to be released in January of 2017. The band was recently joined by a new vocalist, the singer of Abhoth and Hostis and they're working on a new material while planning live performances.


Rikavac is a Black/thrash/death metal band formed in Bar, Montenegro. The band is active live and they've had many gigs, including the ones with Abhoth, KK Street Bangers, Vizant and Neman. They're known for their hillarious lyrics based on humour and mockery. They've released EP entitled ''Rika Se Čini''  and the're recording a new Full Length Album.

Placid Art

Placid Art was formed in 2010. They have released their Full Length entitled ''Rainbow Destruction Process'' in 2012 via American label and it was actually the first time that Montenegrin metal band has released anything for the label abroad. The status of band is unknown.


Vizant has been founded at some time around 2006/2007 as a symbiotic fusion of metal music and orthodox medieval chanting. The band had many gigs, and has an auditorium among metalheads, punkers and even skinheads. The band has release three full lenth albums and has been associated with many nationalistic movements. The status of band is unknown.


Zaimus are Montenegrin black metal pioneers. The band was formed in 2003. It's the oldest black metal band in Montenegro in the vain of greatest black metal classics. Zaimus have released "Demo 2007'' in 2007 and EP entitled “The Unholy Spells Of Night''in 2009. The EP was later re-issued by Brittish label. The members of Zaimus are co-formers of Abhoth. The status of band is unknown.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I must say that I haven't  felt so excited for a long time as when I've received my digital copy of Full Length Album of Italian Maze Of Sothoth.  Ever since the first time I've heard 'Seed of Hatred'' I wanted to hear the album in its entirety. And my expectations were completely justified. It's amazing death metal release! The album shall be released via Everlasting Spew Records on January 9, 2017.

The first thing that I've noticed was unique artwork, quite artistically oriented, which shows the titanic, monstrous and all-destroying entity, the album in front of us which we'll have to face, and maybe survive.

The intro begins with the deep sounds of wind and ominous keyboards that are discreet, and in the background they constitute slowly, as if coming from the vast ocean's depths in which this monstrous, ancient creature dreams. Sharp, toxic distortions that have reminded me of those used by Maveth by their sharpness cut the listener in half. The songs are rich with Morbid Angel-like tunes that I simply adore (personal name for the type of melodies used by various bands, whose concept I have personally explained in the Review of Bestial Deform). Monumental, massive tremolos are raging like furious Pazuzu's storm, destroying everything in its way. hammering blast beats fit in as perfect as the mid tempo parts. Incredibly deep, heavy and massive growl vocals, which seem to echo from the ancient, gloomy catacombs are a special plus, as if we were just in the pyramid of Nefren-Ka, also Lovecraft's fictional pharaoh who has inspired Nile for the title of the album. Ghostly solos seem enchanting, guitar style greatly resembles Trey Azatoth's a lot, as they spontaneously develop, crawling out from grinding rhythms as a huge, Typhonian snake, sounding otherworldly. The flirting with Floyd Rose and a sense of cosmic infinity reminds of certain segments of solos from 'Secured Limitations'', but with such a genial uniqueness and personal signature. Occasional mysterious keyboard are soft and gentle.

 The monumental and beautiful melodies like those on ''At the Mountains Of Madness'' and ''The Outsider'' crush everything in their way, entwined with powerful, potent and shifting riffs. But all done in an unique, perfect way. Schizoid riffing parts are entwined with sharp-cutting, galloping and monolithic riffs, and often guitar squeels sound like a storm of flashing razors, falling from the sky and cutting the flesh. Technical abilities of the band never cease to surprise. As they say, It's all the matter of finesse, but this band knows how to combine them with a unique style.

10 tracks of monolithic death metal, and I can hardly choose favorites, but if I had to pick the brightest moments of the album, they would be (by my personal taste) ''Lies'', ''At the Mountains of Madness'', ''The outsider'', as well as instrumental ''Azzaihg 'Nimehc''.


Grotesque Ceremonium is the project founded by Batu Çetin, a man from Ankara behind many local Metal names, but he is best known as the vocalist of Cenotaph, Brutal Death Metal band that has been active since 1994. The project Grotesque Ceremonium has already released the EP entitled 'Blasphemous Goat Observance' '  in 2014. Full Length '' Demonic Inquisition '' was released in 2016 under the label of Satanath Records.

Excellent old school death metal release, the logo and cover art to the songs. Nothing innovative and revolutionary, but done with taste and everything has a cold, otherworldly,after/grave atmosphere. The massive and heavy riffs are real mid-tempo ride, alternating with OSDM tremolos and doom parts, accompanied by a deep, eerie vocals, which definitely contributes to the atmosphere that the band is trying to convey. The album closes with extraordinary cover of Incantation's . Release which definitely will not disappoint fans OSDM fans, and songs like ''Burned At The Stake'' and ''Crushing Morbid Death'' won't leave anyone indifferent.

Bandcamp : https://grotesqueceremonium.bandcamp.com/

FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/grotesqueceremonium/

(Originally written in Serbian for HeadBang, edited and translated by author)



The choir singing in the background of the constant beastlike roaring introduces you to this incredible awakening of roaring death metal beasts, ready to tear, plucking and devouring everything in front of them. The band hits you like a fist right in the face, delivering their brutality, energy that completely blows away. Excellent sharp growl vocals, grinding riffs, deadly drums. In the whole album we see the presence of many schools, a lot of influence of Morbid Angel's, Suffocation's and other old-school champions, a multitude of striking melodies, but it's all done with a unique personal charm and each segment of the song is great itself. Some tremolo passages have oriental Egyptian note, typical for death metal. a note that we were already accustomed to by giants from Death to Morbid Angel, such as those in the Immolation's 'Majesty And Decay', Blood Red Throne and their '' Children Shall Endure '' and those alike. So this Full Length release combines brutal and deep tremolo melodies, beautiful melodic passages, almost black metal parts, some 'fine-grained' 'tremolos that sometimes remind me of great moments of Deeds Of Flesh, Vile, and those alike, all followed by ''warrior''-like riffs. The best moments: '' Chariots '' - an ingenious riff on the part of the chorus, where the growl vocals accompanied by mantric chanting. '' Christianos Ad Leones '' - Pernicious part where chorused vocals repeating '' Christianos '' achieved a great effect. And as an outro, roaring lions devour their prey massacred, same as I was devoured by this beast of an album.

We're Blood of Romulus!
We're Children of the Wolf!
We're descendants of the God of War!
We're Emperors!
We're Legion!

Christianos ad Leones!

(Originaly written for HeadBang, edited and translated by author)



Mixture of obscure tremolos with epic melodies, all complemented with discrete keyboards that contribute to the overall atmosphere, are what characterizes this Full Length album of Wolves Den, a German band from Munich, Bavaria.

Their full length album "Deus Vult" is opened with a dark, apocalyptic keyboard instrumental intro, as a gate to variety of powerful and striking tremolo melodies and riffs. Potent, dark tremolo melodies and the occasional sinister decomposition of chords are mixed with slow and obscure doom / black riffs. Occasional riffs whose palm-muted hitch follows the rhythm of bass pedals, riffs that remind me of those of Anaal Nathrakh's are also present, as well as melodic death riffs type God Dethroned's like a riff on the song Dysterborn, but they all sound unique and done with taste. All this is accompanied by a dark, epic and very beautiful choral keyboards, and sometimes we find acoustic epic passages like those of Blind Guardian's, constant changes of the drum arrangements, changing of scream to growl, all these are nice variations to kill the monotony.

Amazing part accompanied the choirs on the song "Deus Vult" is by far the best moment of the album. The culmination of the song reached with the mantra repetition "Deus vult" where skrim accompanied the choir.

All in all, quite satisfying atmospheric / symphonic black metal release.

Official site : http://wolvesden.de/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wolvesdenband/

(Originally written in Serbian for HeadBang, translated and edited by author)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Rikavac is a metal band from Bar, Montenegro. This is a review of their self released EP "Rika Se Čini". The band consists of three members under aliases Ucjenjivač (bass and vocals), Podmuklać (guitar) and Ološ (drums). The whole EP is 12 minutes and 40 seconds long and consists of 4 tracks. Physical copies of CDs can be ordered from the band by contacting their Facebook page.

Rikavac is mostly mixture of Thrash, Death and Black Metal. Massive and catchy thrash riffs alternate with fast speed / thrash riffs, grinding all in front of them, there are also some dark and potent tremolo melodies. Vocals are also great, with deep growls alternate with harsh screams. With Rikavac being from country with non-existing recording studios and lack of professional metal production, programmed drums can not be taken as objection, especially not if it they're programmed well and they don't sound so plastic. I hope that on their next release production will be even better. After all, Rikavac is one of the biggest hopes Montenegrin metal and I wish them a good luck in their future work while waiting for the new material.

Tracklist :

00:00 Terminator
03:47 Kuku Mene Majko
06:25 Ktulu
10:07 Tup si Kao Cigla

(Originally written in Serbian for HeadBang)


Orobas is a band from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh and impressions after listening to their EP are quite positive. Their EP ''Arise In Impurity'' is released in CD and CD-R formats in May of 2016. CD edition (500 copies) was published as a co-release of Russian Satanath Records' sub-label, a label known as Symbol Of Domination Prod. (Belarus) and the Black Lion Productions from Sweden. As a CD-R edition (200 copies with 200 stickers with Cover Artwork included), it was issued for Wolfmond Production from Germany.

EP starts with creepy and haunting instrumental intro, in which haunting keyboards sound ghost-like. The second song ''The Ravana'' is dedicated to the first of three evils, sometimes presented as a demon Rakshasa, ten-headed devotee of Shiva. In the artwork he is represented with trishula, Indian fighting trident. ''Lord Ramesses'', the second evil of the old world, Pharaoh Ramses, who was mentioned from Bible to Nile's song  is also in the cover, presented with the Pharaoh's crown. '' Bad Blood Hunter '' is, as Hephaestus explained to me, dedicated to Satan himself, and it's definitely best one on album, a real death metal slaughterhouse, in which great riffs alternate with even better black-death tunes from beginning to the end, growl vocals  alternating with scream vocals, end the sound of ukulele. Since I am a big fan of traditional musical elements combined with metal (from Nile and Ade to panslavic bands like Temnozor and Nokturnal Mortuum,  I can only say that I was thrilled with this part. Completely unexpected ending, which took me back to the moment when I have heard Death's '' Crystal Mountain '' for the first time, and a great end of - solo on acoustic guitar combined with the distorted, electric one. One might notice a snake on Pharaoh's crown that presents him. The EP is closed with a cover of Venom's ''Black Metal''. One might think that this song has been covered too many times by too many bands, but when covered by these hard working guys from Bangladesh it shows clearly what their concept of metal is about and where they draw their energy and inspiration from.

The band doesn't really bring anything new to this specific genre of metal, but the fact that the bands in this part of the world make such an agressive metal music is very impressive to me and these guys have done a very solid job with this release. On the cover, they're presented as five misty figures in the left, and only the session member facing away from the others. Excellent and creative concept, I like the hidden background behind it.

This EP is marked with old school vocals and it's mixing classical European elements with the oriental. It has everything: melody in the manner of the works of the Egyptian Scarab and atmosphere of Origin's ''Wrath of Vishnu'', the melodies reminiscent to Monstrosity, melodic thrash-death riffs and even ukulele combined with the sounds of distorted guitar in the background.

(Originally written in Serbian for HeadBang)