Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cerebral Extinction - ''Necro Parasyte Anomaly'' (LP, 2017)

Cerebral Extinction is a Brutal Death Metal band from Italy formed in the year of 2013, and ''Necro Parasyte Anomaly'' is their second full length album. It shall be released by the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records on the 5th of May.

''Induced Transition'' opens up the jaws of this monstrous LP with bestial disharmones, followed by a sharp growl vocals that are sometimes deep grunts, sometimes sounding like Glen Benton, sometimes periodically replaced or racing with scream vocals, like in the beginning of ''Necro Parasite Anomaly''. Barking scream vocals somewhere in the mid  of ''Collision Identity'' lead us into slamming  groove riff, and at the end of ''Face to Face'' singer sounds inhuman as demonic beast-like roaring maniacally evolves into screams that end the song.

Melodic riff that ends ''Logic and Conspiracy'' is quite striking, as well as the end of ''Nemesis The City Of Madness (Part I)'', which ends with melodic tremolo in the manner of Deeds Of Flesh. In the 'Nemesis The City Of Madness (Part II)'' , at one point a monolithic slow riff is formed, and later tremolo melodies feel like a rollercoaster ride through the halls of insanity. ''The End of All Worlds'' has a striking slower riff, ''Obscure portal'' has a crushing massive riff too, and in '' Necro Parasite Anomaly'' and ''Face to Face'' grinding riffs is intertwined with tremolo melodies, bursting one from another.

Brutal Death Metal release solid as concrete, where furiously elusive tremolos are accompanied by wild drum nailings. Blast beats shift with massive slow segments in this ruthless, chaotic and quite schizoid maelstrom of potent melodies that demonstrate excellent technical background and synchronicity.

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