Saturday, March 11, 2017

Nazghor - Death's withered chants (2016)

Nazghor is a band from Sweden founded in 2012, and ''Death's withered chants'' is their fifth full length album. Beautiful melodies submerged in dense and obscurely melancholic atmosphere of this band are impressive. The album was released via Satanath Records in 2016.

''Hymnum Mortis'' is an intro with organs magically intertwined with female voice, like a gate to the storm of beautiful and melodic tremolo melodies, characterizing each song and making them easily memorable. A variety of motives is noted, ranging from the gloomy chord decompositions, slow black metal riffs that are alternating and shifting with with the faster ones, and all of it is decorated with discreet smoothness of keyboards, ranging from organs that I've mentioned, strings, piano, choirs, and even harpsichord in the background of a doom riff  in '' Death's withered chants ''. The song is having the Summoning-like atmosphere, and clean vocals mixed with chanting in the background leave a great impression. It ends with the sound of heartbeats, beating weaker and just stopping, leaving an eerie silence completing the album. Excellent motive of which really gave me chills. Thrash riff in the middle of the ''Requiem black mass'' is a great way to avoid the monotony of repeating the previous parts of the tremolo based arrangements, and the '' Empire of graves'  also has excellent thrash riff, born isolated in a sudden break ''Under a venomous Spell'' begins with smooth soloing on clean guitars, and ''Complete unholiness '' has a clean guitar part, from which the solo twirls like a flame. ''Inheritance of the cross'' has an intro taken from some movie, introducing us to the Khold-like crushing mid tempo riff. '' Aeternum Regno Diaboli'' is an instrumental based on melancholic piano melody giving birth to  dreadful sounds that sound like awakening an ancient demonic creature.

Recommended for fans of Angantyr, Sorhin and some DSBM bands that craft and nourish epic, majestic and most memorable melodies.

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