Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hell's Coronation - '' Antichristian Devotion '' (EP)

Hell's Coronation is a Polish ''Necro Ritual Black Doom Metal'', consisted of Zepar (guitars, vocals) and Coffincrusher (bass, drums, backing vocals). Their EP '' Antichristian Devotion '' shall be released on 20th of March 2017 in MC/Digital format through Godz Ov War Productions.

Spooky intro, with haunting female vocal, choir/uttered mantra, female screams, with sudden shocking beats and effects are truly horryfic. Massive riffs slowly begin their accursed dance in the mid-tempo, as a ghost and a sharp scream echoes, chanting the nihilistic and misanthropic lyrics in background of obscure crushing grooves, and one can feel like galloping through the frost-bitten wastelands of lifeless forests. There are no major rhythm changes in songs, riffs are plain and simple yet effective, just like the cover art itself. In one segment of the second song '' Worm Circulates In Me '', one can hear bells ghostly echoing in the backround of a riff, really giving the unique atmosphere. Afterwards, we're witnessing the birth of a beautiful solo melody, a motive which is to be found no more in other songs. '' Tormentor of cross worship '' begins with sound of waves, with something like an echo of a horn in a background, announcing entrance to the song. Excellent rhythm carries the listener, and most the of riffs reminds me of lava that is slowly oozing down the slope, burning everything in its path. the album is finishing. There's an interesting break with howling of wolves in the background. The last song is finished  with cawing ravens, as they slowly disappear.

Those who are favoured to slow and powerful black metal riffs like those of Khold, Drudkh and Judas Iscariot shall certainly enjoy this cold and obscure EP. 

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