Monday, February 27, 2017

Nula - Kenoma (EP)

With riffs that are a mix of Crowbar's massiveness and melodious Swallow the Sun parts, with breaks often brings to life beautiful Isis-like clean guitar parts, with the deep clean vocals often increasing in intensity as the song progresses, Nula is a solid sludge band from Belgrade that have released their EP for Black Bow Records on 24th of February. Deep riffs are tastefully combined with vocals gently swifting from clean to a kind of shrieking grunge-like yelling, moving from harsh Neurosis like singing to HC rapping (yet singing) diction like Biohazard.  

'' Trosenje Tela'' '' is my favourite track, incredibly greasy sludge, beginning with monolithic riffs combined with whirling doomy solo tunes. ' ''Silazak u Prah'' '' is more melodic, beginning with shifting drum rhythms entwined with clean guitar passages (it has reminded me of some great Isis moments) and with break bringing doom riff, and '' Usnuo savršen san '' has all of previously mentioned features, ending with mesmerising clean guitar parts, a faint singer's whisper and song ending in fade out.

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