Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Naga - Inanimate (EP)

Naga is a black doom metal trio from Naples, Italy, and 'Inanimate' ' is their EP from 2016. Originally released only on vinul via Lay Bare Recordings from Netherlands, it's being re-released in CD format via the Italian label Everlasting Spew Records. In addition to four original songs, the track '' Worm '' (recorded in 2017) has been added, exclusively for CD edition.

'' Inanimate '' is dark and leadden-heavy release, characterized by extremely harsh, razor sharp guitar distortion sound being combined with also sharp howling vocals that perfectly fit to the background.
Monolithic riffs are combined with obscure black metal decompositions, whipped by furious scream that carries us like typhoon wind to a striking and quite obscure chorus parts, that almost sound like bellowing mantras.

''Thrives'' has black metal distorted decompositions entwined like thorns upon crushing several-tonned riffs. Black Sabbath-like riff in the middle of song, is sounding like Electric Wizard in black metal edition. '' Hzele '' is filled with innovative tremolos, melancholic and atmospheric at the same time, sounding simultaneously horrifying and sad. Intensification of all the choruses is amazing, outburst of sincere despair, nihilistic rage and aggression, especially on the 2nd track. '' TMWR '' is cover of Fang's'' The Money Will Roll Right In '' from 1983, and in its chorus we can hear singing, screaming, yelling and shouting atr the same time, all entwined in a outstanding level.  '' Loner '' is sounding as a much darker Kyuss, with nailing snare and relentless vocals and wild and unrestrained chorus. '' Worm '' is an exclusive new track added to the 4 songs of the previous vinyl editions, beginning with chord decompositions on clean guitars that slowly evolve, with a dark black metal-rock'n'roll background for vocals. Each song (but the last one) is ended with the sonic attacks, screams of guitar-distortion echoing and lingering like a darkest shadow of despair until the next song is started.

Realy great realease, monolithic outburst of agony, rage and despair.

The CD shall be released on 23rd of March 2017. 

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