Wednesday, March 1, 2017

La Casta - Encyclia (EP)

Tremendously obscure chord decomposition emerges from confusing '' sci-fi '' noise, joined by a slow drum beat as the background and it is the intro to this solid crust-black edition. Slower parts are constantly alternating with fast and harsh ones, not allowing a moment of boredom. This stone-solid and whipping Italian Crust-Black EP has been self released.

'' No Hope '' begins with massive slower riff, which spontaneously evolves, gets faster with howling vocals that keep whipping and grind-like scream vocals in the 2nd round of vocal arrangement. ''The reaction will never come'' begins with black metal tremolo riff, and the  motif of vocals shifting from yelling to screams rather easily is also notable. '' You are nothing '' begins quickly and aggressively. Break with isolated bass guitar leads us to the formation of concrete-hard HC riff. '' Rejection of life '' begins with empowering and lifting drum section, having some interesting tremolo riffs entwined with chord decompositions. '' Godess '' is the outro, with a similar interpretation as the beginning of EP, isolated decomposition which spontaneously  starts to be  followed by the drum, turning more aggressive and having a lovable chorus.

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