Saturday, January 14, 2017

Serpentine Creation - '''The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon''

Serpentine Creation is a Band from Bulgaria that was formed in 2004. ''The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon'' is their second Full Length Album, Co-release of Satanath Records (Russia) with Hass Weg Productions (France) and Nyarlathotep Records (Brazil) available in 500 copies.

Furious and truly grim black metal is born from the howls of as furious and cold wind, that was taken as a short intro. Riffs and lyrics are direct like a punch, scream vocal reminds me of those on Astaroth's ''Violent Soundrack Martyrum'', which I adore. Razor sharp riffs, varying from dark melancholic to darkly epic, clean-guitar parts, potent and dark tremolos and beautiful melodies that are mixed and intertwined like arabesques are developing in a pretty convincing tone. Here we have an aggressive, gloomy and fast melodies, and the whole sinister atmosphere reminded me of Dark Funeral's. This band has all of black metal features that I like, combined with style in their own way. We have riffs which remind me of Anal Natraak, where we get the bass pedal following a guitar hitch, and some fast tremolo melodies and some riffs' aggressiveness reminded me of Marduk. Slow and dark Dissection-like chord decompositions  are alternating with great thrashy riffs like those on Dimmu Borgir's ''Puritanical Euphorical Misanthropia'', connected through the solid build of demonic tremolos. The songs are excellent and they develop swiftly, crowned with discrete solos made to perfectly fit into nocturnal spirit of the songs.

So if you're into strong, powerful and extremely dark black metal, I can definitely recommend this.

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