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Mixture of obscure tremolos with epic melodies, all complemented with discrete keyboards that contribute to the overall atmosphere, are what characterizes this Full Length album of Wolves Den, a German band from Munich, Bavaria.

Their full length album "Deus Vult" is opened with a dark, apocalyptic keyboard instrumental intro, as a gate to variety of powerful and striking tremolo melodies and riffs. Potent, dark tremolo melodies and the occasional sinister decomposition of chords are mixed with slow and obscure doom / black riffs. Occasional riffs whose palm-muted hitch follows the rhythm of bass pedals, riffs that remind me of those of Anaal Nathrakh's are also present, as well as melodic death riffs type God Dethroned's like a riff on the song Dysterborn, but they all sound unique and done with taste. All this is accompanied by a dark, epic and very beautiful choral keyboards, and sometimes we find acoustic epic passages like those of Blind Guardian's, constant changes of the drum arrangements, changing of scream to growl, all these are nice variations to kill the monotony.

Amazing part accompanied the choirs on the song "Deus Vult" is by far the best moment of the album. The culmination of the song reached with the mantra repetition "Deus vult" where skrim accompanied the choir.

All in all, quite satisfying atmospheric / symphonic black metal release.

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(Originally written in Serbian for HeadBang, translated and edited by author)

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